about us

The harmonica school berlin was founded in 2016 by harmonica player Marko Jovanović. The school is located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and it is the only music school in Germany specialized in teaching the diatonic and chromatic harmonica. We follow a holistic pedagogical approach that encourages interaction with other forms of cultural and personal expression.


The harmonica is a world music instrument. It found a home in the blues quite naturally, but in the meantime, the harmonica can be heard in many different musical contexts. Teaching the diversity and musical scope of the harmonica is a cornerstone of our school.


Our students are taught traditional and modern techniques, while learning new ways to discover music. Once you’ve started playing the harmonica, you quickly feel the power coming from this small instrument. It’s not possible to ‘see’ what you’re playing on the harmonica. The tones are not created with keys or on frets. They are modified internally by changes in the mouth, throat and tongue positions. This establishes a personal connection to the instrument when playing, and this intimate relationship influences musical expression. Playing the harmonica requires concentration and attentiveness.


This is the basis of the pedagogic approach at the harmonica school berlin, and the school is dedicated to making a contemporary contribution to the further development of the instrument and music education.