With our video and online courses, you'll go on a journey of musical discovery. Learn new genres and exciting playing techniques from some of the best players in the world. Or you can treat yourself to intensive coaching sessions and find your own personal style. The harmonica has shown itself to have immense musical diversity. In our courses, we'll show you why we love this instrument so much.


In our video courses for diatonic and chromatic harmonica, our teachers open the doors to their musical world. They’ll introduce you to special playing techniques and the songs that are typical for their genre and show you how to approach them.

Learn from the very best of the best, whenever and wherever you want. Carefully prepared learning materials are part of the video courses so that you can practice offline any time.


The C4P – Coaching for Professionals is a private and intensive training course for advanced and professional players.

School founder Marko Jovanović will help you define and develop your personal playing style. Under his professional guidance, you will discover topics that will help you grow. This training course is for players seeking inspiration and new musical challenges.

The coaching lessons are online.

"For me the lessons were really valuable. He helped me rediscover a feeling for music that I'd lost with classical music."

Katharina, Düsseldorf

"The coaching sessions give orientation, inspire and are the way to find my own style. Rated especially valuable"

Chris, Freiburg

“Marko is the best. He not only knows the harmonica, he knows how to teach. Online lessons from California are as good as in person. Marko inspires!”
Frank, Claremont