diatonic harmonica

The diatonic harmonic is known by many as the blues harp. We’ll show how to play the blues, but also much more. We’ll teach you how to play individual notes, use tone bending techniques and special effects so you can play the music that your heart desires.

In the group courses you’ll learn how important it is to play music together and work on new musical challenges with others in the group. The playing techniques are taught and practiced along with songs and genre related styles. Step by step, you’ll learn to improvise freely. It’s all about listening and understanding music..

Group lesson (mixed Level): Thursday 18.30- 20:00
2x 90 minutes/month, 120 euros/months

Group lesson (Level 2): Tuesday 18.30-19.00
2x 60 minutes/month, 90 euros/months

Group lesson (Level 1): Wednesday 19.00-20.00
2x 60 minutes/months, 80 euros/month

Private lessons are perfect if you’d like to dive deeper into technique and stylistic playing. The lesson plans are based on your previous musical ability and preferences. The lessons are motivating, and they’ll help you develop your personal practice schedule.

Private lessons by appointment
60 minutes: 60 euros
Coaching for musicians by appointment