Marko Jovanović
School founder and managing director

Julia Thurau
Managing director

Lutz Schlosser

marko jovanović

School founder and managing director

Musical director and teacher for diatonic and chromatic harmonica, improvisation, music theory and ensemble coaching.

Marko’s enthusiasm for the harmonica is contagious. He has been a performing musician for over 20 years and he is one of the leading harmonica teachers in Germany. His playing is unrivalled and demonstrates his great love for music and the harmonica. In addition to the harmonica school berlin, he teaches regularly at harmonica master class workshops and has been memer of the jury of the World Harmonica Festivals in Trossingen several times. Marko is following his lifelong interest in exploring music and its many styles. On the harmonica, he has found his own unique voice.

Marko’s musical experience, his love for the instrument and his curiosity are also reflected in his teaching. As one of the leading harmonica instructors in Germany, he not only teaches playing techniques. With his holistic pedagogical teaching concept, Marko accompanies his students in expressing themselves with the instrument and experiencing music.

• 2016 founded the harmonica school berlin
• since 1999 music teacher for harmonica in Berlin
• since 1997 professional musician

julia thurau

Managing director

Director of communications, workshops, booking management.

Julia is our school manager and in addition to her administrative work, she is responsible for communication, marketing, workshops and booking. She has 25 years experience working at a project management and communications agency. Julia is a biologist, and she studied empirical cultural science and sustainable development cooperation, and has written for newspapers and magazines for 20 years as a science journalist.

• since 2017 at the harmonica school berlin
• 1996–2018 project manager and scientific editor (public relations)

lutz schlosser


Jazz guitarist, music teacher for guitar, music theory and ensemble playing.

Lutz is a freelance music teacher and jazz guitarist in Berlin. At the harmonica school berlin he teaches ensemble playing for guitar and harmonica. He is also a regular teacher at the school workshops. Lutz is the founder of the ‘Musical Resonance Pedagogy’ that he develops further together with Marko Jovanović at the harmonica school berlin.

• 1994 he graduated from the Franz Liszt University of Music, Weimar
• since 1987 professional musician

guest teachers

Steve Baker

Steve is recognized internationally as an innovative pioneer and stylistically eclectic harmonica player. It’s no surprise that he’s an icon among harmonica players in the European blues scene. We’re very pleased to have Steve as a guest teacher at the harmonica school berlin.

William Galison

William Galison comes from the tradition of New York jazz and is one of the best jazz chromonica players. He impresses audiences worldwide with his sensitive and versatile playing. William likes to visit Berlin, so he’s a frequent and prominent guest at our school.

Bill Barrett

No one plays the harmonica like Bill Barrett. He lives in L.A., but he frequently tours Europe with his duo partner Michaela Gomez. As a workshop teacher, he’ll be giving us a closer look at his unique playing style.

Joel Andersson

Joel is from Sweden, and worldwide he is the best interpreter of Irish music on harmonica. With his usual enthusiasm, easy-going style and energy, he’ll be sharing his knowledge and techniques with students at the harmonica school berlin.