Summer course with Lutz Schlosser and Marko Jovanović

The date
14/09 – 21/09/2024

Guitarist Lutz Schlosser and harmonica virtuoso Marko Jovanović guide participants into the world of improvisation. What happens when two musicians come together in a musical dialogue? How can you use music theory without it getting in the way or making your music sound contrived? Lutz and Marko will help you find musical freedom in your playing.

A summer course for harmonica and guitar players. The teaching languages are English and German.

The instructors
Lutz Schlosser
Marko Jovanović

The hotel

The offer
7 nights at the Hotel Balatura and evening menu
24 hours workshop time, 6 days at 4 hrs per day
Total cost: 1,450 € / person