Meet like-minded people for an online workshop in our digital classroom. There you will not only get to know our national and international instructors. You can also exchange ideas with other participants and together you will explore the world of the harmonica – try it out! Every workshop is unique.


Guitar and Harmonica

Online Workshop for Guitar & Harmonica (chromatic / diatonic)

with Lutz Schlosser and Marko Jovanović

The V – I connection is the most important harmonic connection in Western music. But how does it work and how can we make use of it? In this course Marko and Lutz will show you with song examples and simple exercises how you can use the step chords in the interplay of guitar and harmonica.

The workshop is aimed at guitarists and harmonica players (diatonic + chromatic).


Required knowledge for harmonica players: single note playing, bendings (diatonic) and the most important scales.
Required knowledge for guitar players: single note and chord playing in the registers and the most important scales.



location: digital classroom of the harmonica school berlin available on zoom (we will provide you with an invitation link shortly before the course)
time: 27 February 3 pm – 5 pm (incl. break)
costs: 50 euros (introduction price)

instructors: Lutz Schlosser, Marko Jovanović

teaching language: German