Whether we're talking about workshops, playing harmonica, making videos or planning our festival, we do what we do with joy and we want to share that with others.


Fascination is what people feel when they experience the full range of emotions that the harmonica can express. The harmonica can be humorous, melancholic, powerful and sensitive. It’s an instrument with many facets, and players develop a strong connection to the instrument. In our workshops, video courses, online lessons or even at our web-shop we want to pass on this feeling of fascination.

Fascination was our starting point. Initially, we were fascinated by the unique sound and power of the harmonica. How can such a tiny instrument sound so big? Then the instrument began to show us another unique aspect. We were left to imagine the music that we played because we couldn’t see how the sounds were being created inside the harmonica. Last but not least, there was this fascinating diversity of sounds that the harmonica made possible and the wide range of genres where it’s played. So began a fantastic music journey with the harmonica. The journey continues to this day, and we hope it never ends.

In the meantime, we’ve met lots of people who feel the same way. People who share our enthusiasm. We’ve connected with these people and together we’re developing teaching materials, playing concerts and offering workshops.

Together we are F E N – Fascination Education Network.


The idea behind F E N – Fascination Education Network can truly be experienced at the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVAL. Top class players, friends and colleagues have accepted our invitation to join us and celebrate the harmonica. Our music will set the pace and place the joy of harmonica music at the very heart of the festival. Festival guests can experience renowned harmonica virtuosos like Antonio Serrano, Santiago Alvarez, Steve Baker, Steven de Bryn or Irish harmonica specialist Joel Andersson. For those interested in jazz harmonica, there’s William Galison and Bill Barrett. In their respective genres; tango, blues, flamenco, Irish music and jazz, all of these musicians demonstrate the diverse sound spectrum of the harmonica. The F E N FESTIVAL 2022 is the first in a series of three festivals. Get ready for fascination.