Generally, our workshops are for all levels. Our teachers have experience working with mixed groups and integrating everyone into the lessons. In some courses beginners could be overwhelmed by the material or the more advanced players could feel they weren’t learning enough. For this reason, every workshop has a description, and we indicate which playing level it is best suited for the workshop. If you’re uncertain, please write us an email at:

If you need to cancel a workshop or a summer course, then our cancellation policy will apply. You can find this information in our General Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Our workshops are meant to be live and interactive learning experiences. Even if taking our online courses, participants should find a space where they feel comfortable and can move freely. As a matter of personal trust and confidentiality, we do not record the workshops. Please understand that for this reason, we cannot record and send workshops. If you’re interested in learning more about a certain topic or about any of our teachers, please check out the video courses or send us an email at:

You can pay using PayPal, SEPA transfer or with your credit card. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll send you the information for a bank wire transfer.

We offer single day and weekend workshops in Berlin and in other regions of Germany. The dates are posted on our website. If you want to be kept up to date with all of our workshops and activities, then please subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Generally, you can participant in our online workshops using any internet enabled devise. However, devises with larger monitors will give you a better workshop experience, you can see the other participants, and you can turn your camera on. Our teachers also like to see the participants.

This is an organizational matter. For payment details, special room requirements or arrival and departure dates, please contact Hotel Village Balatura directly. Their team is there to assist you.,

You can fly or take the train to Rijeka, and from there it’s a 45 – 60 minute bus journey to Crikvenica. We’ll pick you up there. Alternatively, you can fly to Pula or Zagreb. The bus to Crikvenica from Pula takes approximately 3 hours, and from Zagreb it is approximately 90 minutes. Of course, you can also travel by car.

For special room requests or arrival and departure dates beyond the workshop dates, please contact Hotel Village Balatura directly. Their team is there to assist you. ,

Of course, it is possible to enjoy some vacation time before or after the workshop at Hotel Village Balatura. Contact the hotel directly. Their team is there to assist you. ,

This depends on the participants and the teachers. Generally, our foreign teachers teach in English. If your with a German teacher, but there are a number of foreign participants, we’ll teach in both English and German. If there’s a language problem, let us know. We can always find a solution.

Of course, even if you don’t speak German, you’re welcome to attend our courses and workshops. Our courses are often in English. If you have questions, contact us. We’re pleased to help.

Unfortunately, downloading courses is not possible. When you purchase a video course, and your account with us is active, you can watch the videos to learn and practice as often as you like. If you delete your account, you’ll lose access to the video courses you’ve purchased.

Unfortunately, no that is not possible. If you delete your account, you’ll lose access to the courses you’ve purchased.

Your user account is like a virtual practice room. Through your account you’ll have access to all of the courses you’ve purchased, and you’ll be able to watch them as often as you want.

Our video courses are made with great deal of hard work and care. We’ve invested a lot of time into giving you the best possible online learning experience. We would be very pleased if you recommend us to your friends. However, it is only fair that anyone who wishes to take the courses, creates an account and pays for access.

If your interested in our genre based courses, then you should have some basic playing practice. They are not for absolute beginners. Beginners should check out our workshops. We often have courses for beginners. If what your looking for is not offered, then please contact us at:

Please write us an email at:

We begin by analyzing your playing ability to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Then we work together with you to develop your coaching program. You’ll concentrate on special topics, and we’ll coach you individually along the way.

Coaching is for musicians and advanced players who play professionally or intend to play professionally in the future.

Generally, you can participant in our online workshops using any internet enabled devise. However, devises with larger monitors will give you a better experience, and it’s easier to follow your coach.

Yes, definitely. If the coach cannot see you playing, it’s impossible to coach you.

Generally, the normal integrated computer audio and camera set-up is good enough, but with a better quality microphone and headset the experience is often better.

Yes, very well in fact. Our teachers pay close attention to your playing, intonation and breathing technique. Online works as well as it does in a classroom sitting across from one another.

Music is a language, and we feel that the interaction with other musicians is important. In addition to our video courses and coaching, we offer annual summer courses and workshops. You can find more information on our website. There’s something there for you. If you have questions, please contact us at:

Our coaching is intensive and individual. In these individual sessions you’ll get personal feedback, and you can focus on your individual musical topics and needs.

F E N stands for Fascination Education Network. These three words express what the harmonica school berlin is all about. We’re fascinated by the harmonica and its music and we want you to be too. We love teaching and learning new things. We feel that is best done together with others. F E N is our philosophy, and the concept behind our festival. For more information click on this link.

The HARMONICA F E N Festival will present the harmonica in all of its many facets. The musicians performing at the festival also want to share their knowledge. There will be a selection of workshops at the festival for chromatic and diatonic harmonica.

The HARMONICA F E N Festival is a celebration of the harmonica, the people who play it and anyone who loves harmonica music. We want people at the festival to experience varied and multi-facetted range of the harmonica. We’re very pleased that so many amazing musicians from around the world will be joining us at the festival.

The VAT is on all of our invoices, but if you require a net payment invoice, please send us an E-Mail..

You can pay using PayPal, SEPA transfer or with your credit card. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll send you the information for a bank wire transfer.

If you purchase a video course, you’ll be asked to register with us. We’ll take you through the process step by step to create your account. Simply follow the online instructions, and you’ll be able to quickly access and enjoy your online video courses at any time you wish.

Please click on the link for a new password. If you have a problem, contact us with an email. (link)

Generally, we ship packages with a tracking number. If you enter the tracking number into DHL’s tracking page, you can follow the progress of the delivery. If there are issues or you have questions, please send us an email and we’ll help find a solution.

If you wish to return a purchased item, please contact us with an email. Please understand that for hygiene and health safety reasons, harmonicas cannot be returned.

Harmonicas cannot be returned for hygiene and health safety reasons. If you have questions, please contact us.

The Noble Guitar company takes care of shipping SCHERTLER amps for us.

If you’d like to buy a product from a manufacturer that is different from what we offer in the web shop, please send us an email. We can order additional products from most retailers, even if they’re not among the products we offer. This applies to products from JA Harmonicas, SCHERTLER and Suzuki.

Generally, we ship with DHL. The shipping costs are calculated by the size, weight and destination. Every order is calculated separately. If you’re logged in, there is a display when you view your shopping basket.

The delivery time is usually within a week. If the product is not in stock, it can take longer. We will notify you if this is the case.

The JA Custom Harmonicas from Joel Andersson are customized individually and by hand. If you’ve ordered a harmonica that we do not have in stock, then it will take between 6 and 8 weeks until the instrument is delivered. In reality, that’s incredibly fast because the waiting time for JA Harmonicas is usually 24 months! Joel Andersson is internationally known for his custom harmonicas, and he receives orders from around the world.

We offer harmonicas in C, A, Bb, and G. Yes, it is possible to order any JA Harmonica from their selection and in other keys. The harmonicas are prepared individually, therefore you can expect a longer waiting period.

We can order replacement parts for Suzuki harmonicas. Please send us an email at:

Unfortunately, we do not repair harmonicas with the exception of JA Harmonicas that you have purchased through us. In this case, please send us an email at:

harmonica school berlin is principally a school and educational platform. The products in our web shop are products that we recommend. They have been carefully selected, and this selection is small and high quality. We only sell products that we use ourselves, or that we completely trust.

Simply because we feel that they are the best instruments you can buy. Joel Andersson really knows his craft and he optimizes every instrument by hand. That means that playing these instruments is a real joy. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, once you’ve played a harmonica that Joel has worked on, you won’t want any other.

Our harmonica cases are made by hand at a Berlin based leather manufacturer. The company has custom designed them to our specifications. They are made from sturdy cow leather and protect your instrument perfectly.