J.A. High End Marine Band Basic

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The Marine Band Basic is a professionally customized and optimized instrument with JA performance combs.

Every customized Marine Band harmonica is one of a kind, thanks to Joel Andersson’s handcrafted precision and musical competence. The Marine Band Basic harmonicas that leave his workshop in Höör, Sweden, have an excellent response, and the reeds are finely tuned. Already beginners will enjoy playing these harmonicas.

  • available in the keys of C, A, G and Bb with the option to order additional keys
  • precision honed reed plates
  • custom combs from FSC composite materials
  • an individual serial number

Other keys are available, for low and lower keys add 30 euros.

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Reed plates

Irregularities in the reeds are carefully honed. The draw reeds sit evenly and compared to the instruments commercially available, less air escapes. The foundation is the Marine Band crossover reed plate.


Instruments that have been customized by Andersson have a well balanced sound and they are tuned to 442 Hz (compromised tuning).


These high-end harmonicas have been fitted with special performance combs developed by Andersson. The aerodynamic chambers provide an improved airflow. JA Performance Combs are made from FSC certified composite materials. They are thinner than the commercial combs and fastened to the reed plates. The materials used are certified ‘food safe’ and extremely durable.

Why a custom harmonica?

One thing right from the top: a warm and full sound can only be achieved by the harmonica player.

The harmonicas that Joel Andersson has carefully customized will help every player realize their potential and personal sound on the instrument. With handcrafted precision Andersson brings the best out of every instrument. The optimized reed plates and combs on JA Custom Harmonicas aid beginners when learning playing techniques. For professional players they are reliable partners enabling performers to concentrate completely on the musical elements of their performances.


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