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The perfect double pack for the IRISH HARMONICA COURSE with Joel Andersson. With these two instruments, you are fully equipped for the course. The J.A. Value Rocket Basic harmonicas are specifically optimized for playing Irish music. Joel Andersson, himself a master on the Irish harmonica, has adapted the instruments for this genre. The response is louder, the bending is easier and the instruments are tempered so that they harmonize with other melody instruments.

2 harmonicas in the key of G and Low D.

Please note that harmonicas are excluded from exchange for hygienic reasons.

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The Rocket Basic Harmonica has a more brilliant and brighter sound than the Special 20, which is due in particular to the side openings in the cover plates. The instruments are tuned to equal temperament so you are in tune with other melody instruments.

other features:
– ABS comb
– stainless steel screws
– better bending than a stock harmonica
– more volume

Why a custom harmonica?

One thing right from the top: a warm and full sound can only be achieved by the harmonica player.

The harmonicas that Joel Andersson has carefully customized will help every player realize their potential and personal sound on the instrument. With handcrafted precision, Andersson brings the best out of every instrument. The optimized reed plates and combs on JA Custom Harmonicas aid beginners when learning playing techniques. For professional players, they are reliable partners enabling performers to concentrate completely on the musical elements of their performances.

Reeds are gapped slightly higher so you can hit them a bit harder without the reeds choking.
The basic reed work gives the harmonica a better response and more volume than a stock harmonica.