Rhythm Training

Practical Rhythm Training – Workshop mit Lorenzo Bergamino

19. Oktober 2024

Lonesome Millionaires
Stef Rosen – guitar
Lorenzo Bergamino – washboard
Marko Jovanović – harmonica
15 Euro

Join our engaging rhythm workshop! Based entirely on practical exercises with the metronome, you’ll develop a solid sense of timing and rhythmic precision. We’ll explore various rhythmic divisions, blues grooves, and accompaniment techniques. Additionally, we’ll delve into using polyrhythms and rhythm perception through exercises involving the body. With practical applications on blues tunes and improvisation sessions, the workshop offers an immersive and educational experience to enhance your rhythmic skills.

The Innstructor Dozent
Lorenzo Bergamino

The location

ufafabrik, Studio 2, Viktoriastr. 10-18, 12105 Berlin

The time

14.00–17.30 Uhr

90 €

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