Whether it's just for a few hours or several days, our workshops are an excellent opportunity to meet with other harmonica enthusiasts and our teachers. If you're interested in learning more about the fascinating world of the harmonica, you're in the right place.

Summer courses in Croatia

Get ready for summertime, sunshine and the harmonica. Our week long summer vacation courses in Vinodol Valley, Croatia offer everything your heart desires. You’ll meet great people, enjoy good food and of course, there’s lots of music.

Far from the tourist crowds, but only six kilometers from the Adriatic Sea is where we meet every year in the relaxing atmosphere at Hotel Village Balatura in Tribalj.

Listen – Practice – Play

Claus Rückbeil,Marko Jovanović


Marko Jovanović


Lutz Schlosser, Marko Jovanović
14/09 – 21/09/2024

Playing the Blues

Stef Rosen, Marko Jovanović


Find the workshop that’s right for you. We offer courses in various formats for different musical genres and playing techniques. Our teachers share their knowledge, and they’ll help you discover new ways to play and enjoy the harmonica.

Rhythm Training

Lorenzo Bergamino
19/10/2024, Berlin


Marko Jovanović

"Santiago is a wonderful player. In the online course I learned about Argentinian music and playing methods."

Stefan, Leipzig

"The summer courses are a delightful mix of learning, great company and evening sessions. "

Uli, Stuttgart

"The online workshop was a really helpful making things clear. Joel is a great musician and teacher."

Giacomo, Venedig

"The workshops in Croatia are a highlight; terrific atmosphere, endless music, relaxed learning. It's worth it right across the board."

Petra, Berlin